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Registered Mail
Registered mail provides added protection for valuable and important mail, evidence of mailing and payment in case of loss or damage. Registered mail can be insured and is the safest way of sending valuable mail. Registered mail is always sent First-Class.

The following special services can be used with registered mail:

Merchandise Return, Return Receipt, Restricted Delivery and Return Receipt for Merchandise.
Insured Mail
Postal insurance covers loss, damage or rifling of mail while in transit. Insurance is available as follows:
  • On Standard Mail "A" Single-Piece and Standard Mail "B" up to a limit of 00.00
  • Standard Mail "A" bulk mail cannot be insured.
  • Standard Mail "A" or Standard Mail "B" matter mailed at Priority or other First-Class rates can be insured. (Mark sealed articles, STANDARD MAIL (B) ENCLOSED "or STANDARD MAIL (A) ENCLOSED, in addition to the First-Class endorsement).
Certified Mail
Certified Mail provides a receipt to the sender of First-Class or Priority mail, and a record of delivery at the post office of address. No record is kept at the office of mailing (Mail Services). Certified Mail is handled as ordinary mail; there is no insurance coverage. Certified mail can be used with Return Receipt or Restricted Delivery, provided the required fees are paid. Receipt for Certified Mail PS Form 3800.
Return Receipt (domestic)
You can have a receipt returned to you to show that mail insured for more than .00, Registered, Certified, and Express Mail have been delivered. Domestic Return Receipt PS Form 3811.
Delivery Time
Expected Delivery Time


Accountable mail is mail that requires proof of delivery. The three main types of accountable mail are Registered, Certified, and Insured. Return Receipts may be used with each of these types of accountable mail.


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