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All incoming U.S. mail received by 7:30am daily from the US Postal Services correctly addressed will be delivered before 12noon.

Addressing Format

Incoming Mail

All mail must be addressed correctly to insure timely and efficient delivery. Please notify your correspondents of your complete University mailing address. All correspondents should include your University department's 5-digit Zip code + 4 digit add-on. The following format should be used for mail addressed to you at the University;

Line 1: University of California - Riverside
Line 2: Your Name
Line 3: Your Department Name 000 (3 digit mail code)
Line 4: 900 University Ave
Line 5: Riverside, CA 92521-XXXX ( 5-digit Zip code + 4 digit add-on)

Always include your department and building when giving correspondents your address. This will insure timely delivery. If mail is received without these important address elements, it may be delayed or returned because of insufficient address.

Forwarding Mail
MS does not forward incoming U.S. Mail sent to department faculty or staff. It is the responsibility of each department to forward all mail to individuals who no longer work in that department. When forwarding, mark out the incorrect address and put the forwarding address with the words, "Please Forward."
Refusing Mail
Anyone may refuse mail that has not been opened. Simply cross through the address, mark "Refused" or "Return" and put with your inter-campus mail.
Misdirected Mail
Any mail that MS delivers incorrectly to a department should be placed with the department's outgoing mail. If the problem persists, please contact the Mail Service Department. Note: If the misdirected mail piece happens to be a payroll check, please notify us immediately.
Personal Mail
The "University Mail" system is a restricted service. It is not to be used for personal use, private gain or by non-university groups or for the advertisement of programs not sponsored by the University. Each unit is responsible for ensuring that all material received or distributed by their unit is consistent with University policies.
Accountable Mail
Mail that requires a signature upon delivery is accountable mail. Accountable mail includes Certified, Insured, and Registered Mail.

All incoming accountable mail is picked up each morning at both U.S. Post Offices, Orange St. and Chicago Stations along with the regular U.S. Mail and is signed for by Mail Service personnel.

The mail is recorded as to type and assigned a number in our firm book. It is then delivered with the regular mail on the morning and afternoon runs. Accountable mail must be signed for by a person in the addressees department. It is not required that the person for whom the item is addressed sign the book unless the letter is endorsed "Restricted Delivery."
Expedited Mail (formally "Express Mail")
Another Type of accountable mail is Express Mail. Express Mail is delivered directly to the department for which it is addressed. Commercial couriers; DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc., deliver directly to departments, not to mail services.
Business Reply Mail (returned to campus)
Business Reply Mail, BRM, is accepted each morning from the Main Post Office, (Orange St.) where a impound account is held. BRM is then separated by department and appropriate postage fees are charged to the assigned three-digit mail accounts. See Business Reply Mail (BRM), Courtesy Reply Mail(CRM), and Metered Reply Mail (MRM)
Postage Due Mail
All mail addressed to the University which has underpaid postage or "Address Services Requested" is accepted each day from the USPS. Pieces are sorted, fees charged, and included along with regular mail deliveries. Items consistently received by individuals or companies as "Postage Due" may be refused and returned to sender.


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