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Campus Mailing tips
  • MS process mail by building, department, and person's name, not by room number. Failure to list the department name and building may result in delay or misdirection of your mail. An average of 20,000 pieces of mail is sorted each working day. To meet delivery deadlines, mail sorting is done quickly by scanning the envelope for a specific department. Envelopes with no department are automatically put aside for later research. Please address all campus mail with name, department and building.
  • Do not abbreviate. Many different employees process mail and all may not be familiar with department abbreviations. To avoid delays, address Campus Mail properly.
  • If properly addressed, Campus Mail is delivered no later than the next scheduled delivery after MS receives it.
International Mailing tips
  • International Letters should be mailed in international envelopes to ensure timely and efficient delivery. International envelopes are lightweight, light blue in color, with red and dark blue border. If plain white envelopes are used, please endorse the envelope either "Airmail or "Surface Mail."
  • Separate bundles for domestic and international mail to insure timely and efficient delivery.
  • Small packets and parcel post must have custom forms included on the item when mailed. Please advise MS of the contents when sending these types of articles.
  • International transit times are as follows: International Expedited Mail-two to three days. Airmail-five to seven days, and Surface-six weeks to three months.
General mailing tips
  • Use return addresses on all outgoing U.S. Mail.
  • Envelopes that are larger than 6-1/8"x 11-1/2" should be endorsed either "First-class" or "Standard" on the address side of the mail piece.
  • Use Zip Codes on all outgoing U.S. Mail.
  • Mail early in the day to receive the best handling and dispatch of your mail.
  • National or individual state Zip Code directories can be ordered through Mail Service's or by writing the National Information Data Center, P.O. Box 2403, Washington, D.C.,20013 phone (301) 565-2539, or contact your local post office.
  • Use Campus Mail envelopes, rather than stationery, for your campus mail.
  • Mail Services prefer's to only seal letter-size envelopes (no larger than #10 business size). Envelopes to be sealed only must face the same direction with the flaps down, 25 envelopes minimum.
  • Make sure all your mail faces the same direction.
  • Separate your outgoing mail into these categories: intercampus mail, international mail, and domestic mail to be metered.
  • You must separate and clearly mark any mail requiring special handling/service (i.e., certified or registered).
  • Make sure you have proper packaging for parcels that you frequently send.
  • Mail Services provide consultation for any department which has questions or problems concerning mail. The manager is willing to meet with any department anytime to discuss ways to improve the department's mailings and help in finding ways to minimize postage costs. Please contact the Mail Manager at extension 3206.
  • Paper clips and staples should not be used.
Save postage tips
  • Lighten your mail by using light weight paper, fewer pages, and narrower margins. Also, both sides of paper may be utilized either in typing or printing. Four sheets of 20# bond paper plus a standard #10 envelope equals approximately one ounce.
  • Place all items going to the same address into one container to take advantage of the lower postage costs.
  • Use postcards when possible.
  • Make sure your mail is machinable-rectangular, 3-1/2" to 6-1/8" by 5" to 11-1/2" and no more than 1/4" thick- to avoid a surcharge.
  • Unless it absolutely, positively has to be there next day, use two-day Priority Mail instead of Overnight Expedited and save $.
  • Do not use Expedited Mail Service on Friday unless you know that someone will be there to except it on Saturday.


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