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There are two type of Business Reply Mail: Permit Business Reply and Metered Mail. Business Reply Mail enables mailers to receive mail from the addressee by paying postage and fees on the Business Reply Mail that is mailed back to the sender. If you are reordering or redesigning Business Reply Mail, please contact mail services or the printing department. USPS mailability rules change periodically and certain formats can exclude your mail from the Business Reply program.

The University Mail Service maintains a Business Reply account at the Riverside Post Office (orange St). All Business Reply Mail received by MS is charged back to the appropriate department. Each time a piece of mail is returned, the Business Reply account is charged a handling fee plus first-class postage. The BRM permit for UCR is #308.
Business Reply Mail FIM C.

When using BRM, the OCR reads from the bottom of the address up so the last three lines of your returned BRM must be as follows:
Area served/functions,etc.
Department Name/Mail Code
PO BOX 112

All Business Reply Mail weighing 1 ounce or less must use one of the following Zip codes: 



Post Cards:


( 3.5" x 5" ) Min. .007 to
( 4 1/4" x 6" ) Max. .0.016 thick



( 3.5" x 5" ) Min.
( 6 1/8" x 11.5" ) Max. 1/4" thick



( 12" x 15" ) Max. 3/4" thick


NOTE: Special Services (i.e., insurance, registry, certified, return receipt) cannot be used with Business Reply Mail.
Metered Reply Mail
Another type of postage allows the mailer to prepay first-class postage with a postage meter. Meter reply mail will only be delivered to the address of the meter license holder. The date must not be shown on meter postmarks used to prepay meter reply postage. Metered Reply Mail.
Courtesy Reply Mail
A courtesy Reply Mail envelope is recommended for enclosure when you wish your addressee to pay for the return postage. This type of envelope with postage will assure quick reply or remittance. No permit is required but you will need the proper format for individual department responses. Courtesy Reply Mail.
Address Alterations
The address on BRM cannot be altered in anyway and a Business Reply piece cannot be used for any purpose other than intended by the permit holder, even when postage is affixed.
Stamps on Business Reply Mail
Business Reply Mail with postage stamps on it is handled like all other Business Reply Mail. You will pay the appropriate postage and BRM fees on such mail.


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