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Bulk Permit Mail - Standard Mail

Items sent as Standard Bulk Mail must contain a general message aimed at all who receive it, rather than a personal message aimed at a particular individual. Standard Bulk Mail is a domestic service only. Special Bulk Mailings may be sent to Canada. Call MS for more information. Standard Bulk Mail cannot be sent overseas, or to Mexico. In a bulk mailing, all pieces must belong to the same category. For example, they must be all letters, all flats, or all machinable parcels. Letters must be between 3-1/2"x 5" and 6-1/8"x 11-1/2", and between .007" and 1/4" thick. Flats are pieces of mail that exceed the dimensions for letter-size mail, but do not exceed 15" long, 12" high, and 3/4" thick. First-class mail is given priority by MS over standard mail. Therefore, you should allow a maximum of 2-3 days for MS to process the Bulk Mailing. If the Bulk Mailing has a critical time value, MS must be advised in advance.

Bulk Mail Standard Mail "A" Non-Profit
U C Riverside mails at the Non-Profit Bulk Mail rates. The University may not lend the use of this authorization to any person or group outside the University; to do so would risk the rescission by the U.S. Postal Service of the University's authorization to mail items at this rate. Each mail piece must have the complete name and return address or the authorized non-profit permit holder exactly as shown on the authorization.

Bulk Mailings must be prepared according to the instructions listed below:
  • Permit 131 imprint must appear in the upper right corner of each piece. The imprint may be printed on the piece at the same time the mail piece is being printed. Please call Printing Services to have the permit printed on each piece. MS has a Permit imprint hand stamp that mailer's can borrow for rush/last minute bulk mailings. Permit 131 Indicia Example.
  • All envelopes must be sealed or have the flaps tucked inside. MS can provide the sealing of envelopes on a recharge basis if the mailing is submitted with all envelope flaps in the down position.
  • All Bulk Mail must be prepared as follows:
As of October, 1996, all bulk mailings must be sorted using USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified software to address and/or sort your mailings. If you do not or cannot provide your address data to MS, you will not be able to mail at the Non-Profit rate.

The accuracy of all 5-digit Zip Codes in your list must be verified once a year. Although you can do this manually, this is a very expensive way to meet the requirement. The only way to meet this requirement in a cost effective manner will be to provide your address data to MS which will use USPS (CASS) approved software to verify the Zip Codes and addresses. If you do not or cannot do this, you will not be able to mail at the Non-Profit rate.
Ink-Jet Addressing/Computer Disk Address Data
In order for MS to help your department qualify for reduced postal rates, you will need to provide us with your address data on a 3.5" disk or a CD in one of the following formats:
  • Standard ASCII, fixed length file (include record length)
  • dBase II or III
  • Delimited Text (e.g. comma)
  • Word Perfect Secondary Merger File (text in/out mode)
If you can do this via disk or a CD, you are very close to being able to qualify your Non-Profit mailing. There are some additional address quality requirements for automation mailings, but these requirements can be easily met if you can provide your list to MS. You would then need only to ensure that your mail piece was designed to Postal Services design standards. Mail Services will team with you in designing your mail piece.

If you now maintain lists on Avery or pressure-sensitive labels, you must begin converting them to an electronic format. You will then need to mail a copy of your mailing list to MS on a diskette or CD for conversion compatibility.
Tabbing (self-mailer)
Specific Requirements for Self-Mailers (i.e. no envelope)

Single folded sheet:
  • The open edge must be at the top; folded edge at the bottom.
  • Minimum paper weight: 28# (heavier is preferred to lessen chances of individual pieces jamming in USPS machinery).
  • Minimum of one tab or tape closure; staples are prohibited (no closure is required for 65# paper or heavier).
Multiple folded sheets:
  • The open edge must be at the top; folded edge at the bottom.
  • Minimum 24# (one closure) or 20# (two closures)
  • Minimum of two tab or tape closures; staples are prohibited
  • If single sheets are stapled together, staple must be folded inside.
Specific Requirements for Cards:
Single Cards:
  • Minimum paper weight: 75#. For cards larger than 4.25" x 6", use 80# or heavier paper.

  • Minimum of one tab or tape closure; staples are prohibited

Double Cards:
  • Minimum paper weight: 75#

  • Minimum of one tab or tape closure; staples are prohibited

Note: Designing "bulk mailings" as self-mailers will eliminate the cost of envelopes. But be sure that your self-mailer meets the physical requirements above or it will not be able to be automated and thus be more expensive. (see illustration)

There are several types of folds available, all at a rate of .01 per piece. Please call if the piece to be folded is anything other than 8 1/2" x 11".
Inserting (envelope stuffing)
The standard #10 envelope is the smallest envelope used for automatic inserting.
Address Labeling
One-up pressure sensitive labels are preferred and in Zip code or department order.


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