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UCR's Mail Services group currently maintains an e-mail distribution system known as Scotmail. The Scotmail system hosts four mandatory lists: students, faculty and non-Senate, and staff as follows:

The Scotmail system also hosts "optional" lists, which campus users can elect to receive (these lists include Colloquia, Campus Services, Cultural Events, etc.).

The current Scotmail issue/challenge is that over time, the number of messages sent to these lists has increased significantly as the campus has grown. An effort is being made by University Advancement, Business and Administrative Services, and Computing and Communications to reduce the large amount of email delievered to the campus.

Mail from the Chancellor, Provost, and Emergency and other Critical / Time Sensitive Messages – Unchanged. (Critical / Time Sensitive Messages – please see the note below) will be sent immediately to the mandatory staff Scotmail list.

Other messages from other requesters will require approval directly from a Vice Chancellor or a Dean before being sent out immediately to list members. If a message is sent to the mandatory staff Scotmail list and an approval has NOT been provided by a Vice Chancellor or a Dean, it will be routed immediately to the Digest system.

Approval from designated authorized organizational unit personnel may be sent via email to scotmailapproval@ucr.edu. See the list of authorized organizational unit personnel.

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