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Campus Mail

General Information

Campus Mail collected in the morning will be delivered to all departments on the afternoon route the same day. All other campus mail, including all afternoon collections, will be delivered the following day.
Request for New/Additional Mail Stop
Departments desiring new or additional mail stops must make a formal request in writing to Mail Services. Request must include department name and recording number, personnel roster, location, and the date service is to begin.
Account/Budget for Metered Mail
Mail services accounting system assigns an account number to all customers. This account number is used to track customers' postage usage.
Department Workorder Request-Other Services
All services provided other than metered mail, Scotmail, and messenger service require a work order request. Services requiring a work order request includes; folding, inserting, bulk mailing, labeling, campus list distributions, ink jet addressing, and tabbing. Work order requests are is to be submitted online and a copy attached to the mail to be processed.
Addressing Campus Mail
When sending information through Campus Mail, it is imperative to correctly address the mail. The following guidelines must be used when addressing Campus Mail:
  • Use the reusable intercampus mailing envelopes available from the storehouse (10" x 13").

  • Completely cross out all other addresses on the envelope.

  • A correct and complete address must be used.

  • Print clearly the receiver's name and department.

  • Mail with an illegible address may be opened for identification by Mail Service personnel.

General University Mailings
General distribution items are memos, flyers, etc. that must reach all departments on campus, but do not need to be individually addressed. A sponsoring department must be named in each distribution and the memo/flyer must be of "Official University Business".
Electronic "Scotmail"
Scotmail Policies
Sign-up for Scotmail

Scotmail utilizes a combination of email-focused listserv (automated electronic email address lists) and the Web. There are two ways to send and receive information, "Mandatory List" and "Optional List". Requirements for using this service are:
Mandatory List

Mandatory announcements are those deemed "Must Know" and sent to one or more groups. These messages first go to a "referee" of each group for approval; the Vice Chancellor of Student Services & Enrollment for the students list, the Executive Vice Chancellor or Academic Senate Chair for the faculty list and the Vice Chancellor of Administration for the staff list. These messages will appear automatically in your electronic mailbox.

Examples of "must know" announcements are:

  • For students - registration process, Health Center offerings, service curtailments;
  • For faculty - merit/review dates, Senate meetings, service curtailments;
  • For staff - Human Resources policy changes, service curtailments;
  • For MSO/Admin - Administrative and departmental notices.
To send a Scotmail to one the lists, address the announcement to:
Optional List

Optional announcements are sent to a participating listserv category (see list below). Postings will be quickly reviewed by Mail Services for appropriateness.

You can subscribe or un-subscribe as you wish to any of the categories. To subscribe or un-subscribe, go to the
Scotmail page and can click Scotmail Policies for information regarding this service or sign-up for Scotmail. To sign up, enter your email address for the Scotmail list of your choice.

To send a Scotmail to one the lists, address the announcement to:

The electronic "Scotmail" process is faster and substantially cheaper than paper distribution.

Exclusions from Campus Mail
A few items are excluded from general distributions. They include, but are not limited to:
  • Communications of a personal nature.
  • Advertisements not of official University business.
  • Announcements of the sale of personal property, house rentals, and political campaign notices.
  • Student communications.
  • No cash/coins in mail.
  • Meeting notices, announcements, catalogues, sale notices from companies or individuals outside the University.
  • Returning problem/misdirected storehouse orders.


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